Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages

Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages

Check out a preview of the new Google Assistant experience “Read It” that enables natural reading of long form content on your phone, like a news article, blog, or short story, out loud. From your Android device, just say “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page.”

With 40+ language options, you can also choose what language you want the page to be read in. Available now on Android phones versions 5 and above.

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  1. I'm really beginning to feel this is a complete hoax, either that or it's only for third world countries outside of America, such as India or Pakistan. I've tried it on 3 phones, including my new Galaxy s10e, followed all steps, and no matter what I try, it says, sorry, I'm not able to read what's on that page aloud. I was luckily able to work around it by downloading the T25 talking browser, and using the speak from here option. To me at least, the quality has improved enough with the free stock speech synthesis system on android, that I'm able to listen comfortably

  2. If i reset google app(delete storage) it works. After it self updates google assistant, Assistant says cannot read page selected. Ive tried multiple sites. Very frustrating.

  3. SORRY IM NOT ABLE TO READ WHATS ON THAT PAGE ALOUD. Just tried it, beautiful voices but unfortunately cannot navigate any science paper webpage at all, incredibly disappointing. I hope it could be improved in the future and include additional options that you'd get from a tts service. So much potential but so poorly made…

  4. Tried this with Chinese website and it speaks in mandarin. Please also include Hong Kong Cantonese as the option to speak chinese webpage as well. Thanks.

  5. For half a decade now, I've been using the @Voice App via Ivona voices to read aloud web pages And eBooks… This feature is long overdue.

  6. Hi All
    Please we need in the new version or update, An item or feature which name is white list calls or any name that make just the friends numbers can call me that i put it in white list and the strange numbers cannot call me

  7. This feature would make a great addition to the Google Assistant SDK to speak text on a PC. My current setup is far too messy and complicated (GA SDK > push > push2run > ahk > tts). Even if this feature is limited to mobiles I'll likely use it to replace my current setup (GA SDK > push > Tasker > sync chrome > Read It > cast/stream audio to desktop). Really looking forward to the endless interaction possibilities Read It will provide.

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