10 Best Farming & Life Simulation Games For Android & iOS ( OFFline & ONline )

10 Best Farming & Life Simulation Games For Android & iOS ( OFFline & ONline )

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What is up guys? Welcome back with another video. In this video is the Top 10 Best Farming and Life Simulation Games For Android and iOS

All of the games featured in video are best released so you can play them right away. Most games are free, but some are paid too, and free ones contains ads mostly, but all of them are very fun and worth trying. The list in not ranked in any particular order, so you can decide which game you find most appealing. Most game-play featured in video are from my device: Google Pixel.

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List Games :

🎮 Stardew Valley
🎮 Hay Day
🎮 Township
🎮 Big Farm: Story
🎮 Farming Simulator 20
🎮 FarmVille 2: Country Escape
🎮 Castaway Paradise
🎮 Top Farm
🎮 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
🎮 Harvest Land

Links in the Playstore or Appstore. if your region didn’t support for that game, please search on apkpure

Thank you for watching !


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  1. Too bad most of these are cash grabs, some others like Stardew Valley are really worthy. A series of PAID games would be nice. Keep up the good work. thanks

  2. Why is this channel so underrated?! Like this dude finds VERY VERY GOOD GAMES EXPLAINS IT AND DOES A GAMEPLAY OF IT.other youtubers just show some useless trailers that u cant even understand.and doesn't say if its paid or not! Thanks for the good games bro and stay safe!😃

  3. Bro, can't believe that other game recommending channels who only shows trailers have more subscriber than a channel who does gameplay and commentary on their videos. Bruhhh, you deserve more audiences on your channel.

    BTW, loved your videos

  4. Nice video as always 👍, but I have a suggestion , can u make a video with games under 100mb (I'm low on space :P) Anyways keep up the good work.

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